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Build an example Debian Live image

standard.livebuild is a tar'ed directory containing the configuration and package lists to drive live-build

edit existing config/package-lists/*.list.chroot or add new ones to add new packages to the build.

livebuild_pre_run can be used to modify the live-build command line parameters on-the-fly via the OBS editor and to apply other fixes and workarounds, it will be executed by the obs-build recipe before starting the build

In the prjconf, use the following to set the minimal build dependencies for live-build:

%if "%_repository" == "images"
Type: livebuild
Repotype: none
Patterntype: none

Prefer: sudo
Prefer: ifupdown
Prefer: busybox

Substitute: grub grub-efi

Substitute: system-packages:livebuild apt-utils cpio dpkg-dev live-build lsb-release tar
Substitute: build-packages:livebuild apt-utils dctrl-tools debconf dosfstools e2fsprogs grub librsvg2-bin live-boot live-config live-config-systemd mtd-tools parted squashfs-tools syslinux syslinux-common wget xorriso zsync isolinux file cpio
Preinstall: file
Keep: file
Require: file


Source Files
Filename Size Changed Actions
livebuild_pre_run 0000000630 630 Bytes about 1 year
standard.livebuild 0000604160 590 KB 6 months
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