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Library for Creating ISO-9660 Filesystems

Libisofs is a library for creating ISO-9660 filesystems with extensions like
RockRidge or Joliet. It is also a full featured ISO-9660 editor, allowing you
to modify an ISO image or multisession disc, including file addition/removal,
change of file names and attributes, etc.

ISO-9660 images can be made bootable from CD, DVD, or BD via an El Torito boot
record and appropriate boot image files from boot managers like GRUB, ISOLINUX,
or system specific boot loaders. It is also possible to install a Master Boot
Record for hard-disk-like media, e.g. USB memory sticks.

Libisofs supports the extension AAIP which allows to store ACLs and xattr in
ISO-9660 filesystems and zisofs compression which is transparently uncompressed
by some Linux kernels. It is possible to have data file content compressed to
gzip format or to have it filtered by an external process.

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