A modular logfile analyzer

This package is based on the package 'modlogan' from project 'home:darix'.

Modlogan is a modular logfile analyzer which is currently able to parse ftp-,
webserver and squid logs. The generated output can be viewed by a webbrowser
(->moglogan, webalizer) or your favorite text editor (->text). The template
engine allows you to create the output with your prefered look and feel.

The different input and output modes are provided by some surrounding plugins.
For example the modlogan output plugin provides three different menu structures
for the same colourfull output while the output which is generated by the
webalizer output plugin looks similar to the output generated by the original
Webalizer known from webalizer.

The input is handled the same way. One plugin is for the web server logs, the
next is for xferlog from FTP-servers like WuFTP and some others are for
mail-servers, streaming-server and so on.

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