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Open Source Backup, Enterprise ready, Network Backup Tool

Bacula is a set of Open Source, computer programs that permit you (or the system
administrator) to manage backup, recovery, and verification of computer data
across a network of computers of different kinds. Bacula is relatively easy to
use and efficient, while offering many advanced storage management features that
make it easy to find and recover lost or damaged files. In technical terms, it
is an Open Source, network based backup program.

Source Files

Filename Size Changed Actions
bacula-9.0.4.tar.gz 3.78 MB Download File
bacula-9.0.5.tar.gz 3.78 MB Download File
bacula-9.0.5.tar.gz.sig 819 Bytes Download File
bacula-9.0.6.tar.gz 3.8 MB Download File
bacula-9.0.6.tar.gz.sig 819 Bytes Download File
bacula-9.0.7.tar.gz 4.27 MB
bacula-9.0.8.tar.gz 4.27 MB
bacula-9.0.8.tar.gz.sig 819 Bytes Download File
bacula-9.2.1.tar.gz 3.92 MB Download File
bacula-9.2.1.tar.gz.sig 833 Bytes Download File
bacula-9.2.2.tar.gz 3.92 MB Download File
bacula-9.2.2.tar.gz.sig 833 Bytes Download File
bacula-9.4.0.tar.gz 3.97 MB Download File
bacula-9.4.0.tar.gz.sig 833 Bytes Download File
bacula-9.4.2.tar.gz 3.97 MB Download File
bacula-9.4.2.tar.gz.sig 833 Bytes Download File
bacula-rpmlintrc 41 Bytes Download File
bacula-sigs-9.0.7.tar.gz 3.57 KB Download File
bacula.spec 22.7 KB Download File

Comments for home:cristyde (4)

cristyde wrote over 1 year ago

Taken from Alexander Evseev and Maxime Rijnders packages and updated to version 9.0.4. Also Fixes & checks: - Creation and permission of /run/bacula (755 bacula bacula) - Creation and permission of /usr/lib/bacula (755 root root) - Creation and permission of /var/spool/bacula (750 bacula bacula) (working directory) - Symlinks for rcbacula-fd, rcbacula-sd and rcbacula-dir to /usr/sbin/service - Correct location of PIDFile=/run/bacula/bacula-[fd|sd|dir].pid in /usr/lib/systemd/system/bacula-[sd|fd|dir].service - The correct replacement of libbaccats-stub with the corresponding database.

tilmanschmidt wrote about 1 year ago

I'm experiencing a problem with this package: File /usr/lib64/libbaccats-stub-9.0.6.so carries the incorrect SONAME "libbaccats-9.0.6.so". As a consequence, every time ldconfig(8) is run on the system it will change the symlink /usr/lib64/libbaccats-9.0.6.so to point to /usr/lib64/libbaccats-stub-9.0.6.so instead of /etc/alternatives/libbaccats-9.0.6.so, breaking the operation of Bacula. Since ldconfig(8) is run by postinstall scripts of many packages I basically have to or run ln -sf /etc/alternatives/libbaccats-9.0.6.so /usr/lib64/libbaccats-9.0.6.so after every online update. According to Kern Siebald, libbaccats-stub shouldn't even exist. So I propose to drop the file /usr/lib64/libbaccats-stub-9.0.6.so and the symlink /usr/lib64/libbaccats-stub.so from the bacula-director package. I have deleted both of them manually from my system with no ill effects, and it stopped the problem.

Ximi1970 wrote about 1 year ago

I solved the problems with the libbaccats.so. I updated my packages and send cristyde the patch. Regards Maxime

cristyde wrote about 1 year ago

Hi Tilman and Maxime, I'm currently on summer vacation until february. I'll take a look at the patch and try to solve the inconvenients (I suffer them too) as soon as I get back. Thanks!

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