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GtkWrite Text Editor

A small fast standalone text editor written in C using Gtk+2 and optionally GtkSourceView2 to provide syntax highlighting. Features include Open Recent Files listing, Reload Saved File, Print (with print to .pdf provided by native file dialog), Undo/Redo, Select All, robust Find/Replace, Goto Line, Font Selection, Increase/Decreate Indent, Fixed width Indent/Unindent, current line auto-indent, smart home/end, smart backspace, Current Line Highlight, Syntax Highlight, Line Numbering, Comment/Uncomment, Change Case (upper, lower, title), Join Lines, File Statistics (characters, words, whitespace, non-whitepace and line count), on-save Trailing Whitespace Removal and POSIX end-of-line insertion. End-of-line detection and conversion between LF, CRLF and CR (Mac, pre-OSX) with persistent EOL setting to use either LF, CRLF, CR, current FILE_EOL or OS_EOL (default). GIO File Monitoring for modification by foreign process. Interface provdes menu, configurable toolbar that can be shown/hidden and statusbar. Syntax language and style selection are provided when compiled with GtkSourceView2. The editor compiles without GtkSourceView2 as 'gtkedit' and with GtkSourceView2 as 'gtkwrite'.

Source Files

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Comments for home:drankinatty (7)

David Rankin drankinatty wrote over 1 year ago

GitHub project for editor is: https://github.com/drankinatty/gtkwrite

David Rankin drankinatty wrote 12 months ago

Many improvements made to package, Need to update source from github.

David Rankin drankinatty wrote 12 months ago

Updated to v0.1.5 with major additions of GIO_file_monitoring for modification by foreign source. New editor instance creation on open/new. End-of-line detection and conversion. Light and dark editor syntax files added.

David Rankin drankinatty wrote 11 months ago

Version 0.1.6 change to-lowercase shortcut [ctrl+l] to allow keyboard entry of Unicode chars, add icons and /img dir, determine/handle user and sysdatadir on Linux and win32/64.

David Rankin drankinatty wrote 27 days ago

Version 0.1.9 is a maintenance release with various bug fixes and initial implementation of Byte Order Mark detection. Default behavior of File Save/Save As in response to dialog buttons fixed.

David Rankin drankinatty wrote 7 days ago

Version 0.2.0 - Feature update and maintenance release. Added automatic lookup of comment syntax based on source language for builds with GtkSourceView2. Added insert current date/time [ctrl+shift+t]. Added "Save Current Size" for window in settings. Various dialog and infobar markup improvements. Fixed status bar line-number glitch when bottom of scrolled window reached.

David Rankin drankinatty wrote 5 days ago

Version 0.2.1 - Feature update and maintenance release. Added display of SourceView detected language in Statusbar and included display of the comment syntax, both single-line, and block syntax. Added app->langname to hold the string for the current language without the need to call gtk_source_language_get_name() on each statusbar update. Multi-line block comment removal added and adjustment of selection so syntax tags remain within selection bounds.