Python module for watching filesystems changes

pyinotify is a Python module for watching filesystems changes. By its design pyinotify can be used for any kind of fs monitoring. pyinotify
relies on a recent Linux Kernel feature (merged in kernel 2.6.13) called inotify. inotify is an event-driven notifier, its notifications are
exported from kernel space to user space. The raw interface of inotify is compounded of three system calls. pyinotify binds these system
calls and provides an implementation on top of them offering a generic and abstract way to use inotify with Python. Pyinotify doesn't
requires much detailed knowledge of inotify. Moreover, it only needs few statements for initializing, watching, handling (eventually trough a
new separate thread), and processing events notifications through subclassing. The only things to know is the path of items to watch, the
kind of events to monitor and the actions to execute on these notifications. Note: pyinotify requires Python 2.3 and above, and Linux 2.6.13
at least.


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