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Kernel-based Virtual Machine

KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is virtualization software for
Linux. It is based on the hardware virtualization extensions provided
by Intel VT and AMD-V technologies. KVM kernel modules provide a
control interface at /dev/kvm which the qemu-kvm user-space program
uses to provide a hybrid emulated and actual hardware environment
sufficent to run various PC operating systems (guests) in unmodified
form, including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

Since qemu-kvm is derived from the qemu processor emulator sources it
also is able to run guests using processor emulation mode, but with the
expected performance impact. Conversely, hardware virtualization
features outside the processor such as iommu and sr-iov are used by KVM
allowing for improved performance.

The seabios, vgabios and ipxe open source projects are also pulled from
to provide the firmware components included.

To increase performance over emulated hardware devices virtio drivers
are supported, and in the case of Windows, included.

KVM is compatible with various VM management solutions, including
libvirt, virt-manager and vm-install.

Source Files (show merged sources derived from linked package)

Filename Size Changed Actions
60-kvm.rules 221 Bytes Download File
IA64-compile-fix-suse.patch 1.68 KB Download File
IA64-kvm-suse.patch 1.05 KB Download File
S390-0003-Make-char-muxer-more-robust-wrt-small-FIFOs.patch 2.34 KB Download File
S390-hp-0001--S390-Add-hotplug-support.patch 3.16 KB Download File
S390-hp-0002-Compile-device-hotplug-on-all-targets.patch 1.21 KB Download File
S390-hp-0003-Add-generic-drive-hotplugging.patch 4.45 KB Download File
S390-hp-0004-Expose-drive_add-on-all-architectures.patch 1.06 KB Download File
S390-no-tpr.patch 408 Bytes Download File
S390-qemu-early-printk.patch 2.81 KB Download File
bcc-0.16.17-2.i486.rpm 260 KB Download File
ia64-fix-pagesize.pl 729 Bytes Download File
ipxe-1.0.0.tar.bz2 2.05 MB Download File
ipxe-avoid-bad-array-reference.patch 742 Bytes Download File
ipxe-rom-settings.patch 762 Bytes Download File
kvm-qemu-avoid-deprecated-gnutls-types.patch 980 Bytes Download File
kvm-qemu-default-memsize.patch 347 Bytes Download File
kvm-qemu-madvise-DONTFORK-for-tight-memory-migration.patch 823 Bytes Download File
kvm-qemu-madvise-hugepages.patch 965 Bytes Download File
kvm-qemu-preXX-console.patch 1.07 KB Download File
kvm-qemu-preXX-dictzip1.patch 19.1 KB Download File
kvm-qemu-preXX-dictzip2.patch 12 KB Download File
kvm-qemu-preXX-dictzip3.patch 1.44 KB Download File
kvm-qemu-preXX-report-default-mac-used.patch 1.17 KB Download File
kvm-qemu-preXX-uhci-fix-uhci_async_cancel_all.patch 1.09 KB Download File
kvm-qemu-preXX-use--libexecdir-instead-of-ignoring.patch 2.94 KB Download File
kvm-studio-slirp-nooutgoing.patch 3.9 KB Download File
kvm-studio-vnc.patch 3.28 KB Download File
kvm-supported.txt 15.2 KB Download File
kvm.changes 38.1 KB Download File
kvm.spec 12.3 KB Download File
qemu-datadir.diff 589 Bytes Download File
qemu-ifup 711 Bytes Download File
qemu-kvm-1.1.1.tar.bz2 5.14 MB
seabios-1.7.0.tar.bz2 357 KB Download File
seabios-sanitize-version.patch 464 Bytes Download File
sgabios.tar.bz2 26.9 KB Download File
vgabios-0.6c.tar.bz2 68.3 KB Download File
vgabios-bcc-paths.patch 414 Bytes Download File
win-virtio-drivers-src.tar.bz2 121 KB Download File
win-virtio-drivers.iso 4.8 MB

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