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FINAL CUT is a C++ class library and widget toolkit with full mouse support for creating a text-based user interface. The library supports the programmer to develop an application for the text console. It allows the simultaneous handling of multiple text windows on the screen.
The structure of the Qt framework was originally the inspiration for the C++ class design of FINAL CUT. It provides common controls like dialog boxes, push buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, input lines, list boxes, status bars and so on.

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finalcut-0.8.0.tar.gz 0000825877 807 KB 8 months
finalcut.changes 0000002081 2.03 KB 8 months
finalcut.spec 0000006987 6.82 KB 8 months
finalcut_0.8.0.dsc 0000000868 868 Bytes 7 months
finalcut_0.8.0.tar.xz 0000798216 780 KB 7 months
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jubalh wrote over 3 years ago

It seems there has been some confusion and another person already took your package, rewrote parts and submitted it to devel:libraries:c_c++/finalcut. Unfortunately some infos where lost. I tried to readd them. Please sent a maintainer request to devel:libraries:c_c++/finalcut if you want to be maintainer for the package in official openSUSE distro.

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gansm wrote over 3 years ago

Who should be this other person? Adam Majer?

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jubalh wrote over 3 years ago

I added you to devel:libraries:c_c++/finalcut as maintainer. You can now commit to that project and if you wish you could create a submit request from devel:libraries:c_c++/finalcut to openSUSE:Factory, then it would go into the official distro.

Sorry for the confusion. Seems like several persons discovered finalcut independent of each other and planned to submit it to factory ;)

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