Mail Program

This package is based on the package 'mutt' from project 'openSUSE:Factory'.

A very powerful mail user agent. It supports (among other nice things)
highlighting, threading, and PGP. It takes some time to get used to,

On top of the Factory mutt package, this one features:
* two additional config options that I use often:
'delete_tilde' and 'highlight_unread'.
* the trash_folder extension: if trash is set, deleted messages are
moved to that folder rather than deleted
* the purge_message patch ... to really delete a message for good
* the ifdef patch, allows for conditional commands
* the signatures patch allows to specify several signatures

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mutt-fix-warn.diff 0000001275 1.25 KB about 7 years
mutt-newopts-1.5.diff 0000003600 3.52 KB about 7 years 0000003990 3.9 KB about 7 years 0000007705 7.52 KB about 7 years 0000055102 53.8 KB about 7 years 0000008702 8.5 KB about 7 years
project.diff 0000001685 1.65 KB about 7 years
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