Simple creation of ifcfg from network_data.json from ConfigDrive DS

This is a much simpler version of Huawei's bms-network-config, which can do a lot more.
This script is simple and does nothing more than writing out ifcfg-* files from the network_data.json configuration.
It is designed to coexist with cloud-init.
It should be started before the network is brought up and before cloud-init-local runs.
It will then look for a config-2 drive metadata source and openstack/latest/network_data.json there.
If this is not found, the script will exit.
Otherwise it creates the network config files, disables the cloud-init-local script and the config drive data source (it is not correct on OTC, unfortunately).
The distro's network setup scripts will then bring up the network successfully, so cloud-init can retrieve the network OpenStack datasource and configure the instance correctly.

Source Files
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bms-before-nm.diff 0000000513 513 Bytes over 1 year
bms-delay-setup.diff 0000000543 543 Bytes about 1 year
bms-multi-user.diff 0000000372 372 Bytes about 1 year
bms-network-setup-1.4.tar.bz2 0000010709 10.5 KB about 1 year
bms-network-setup.changes 0000009625 9.4 KB 12 months
bms-network-setup.dsc 0000000307 307 Bytes about 1 year
bms-network-setup.spec 0000004759 4.65 KB 12 months
bms-no-ifcfg-lan.diff 0000000528 528 Bytes over 1 year
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tune-disk.diff 0000000552 552 Bytes 12 months
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