Xen kernel drivers for Huawei enhanced monitoring (SAP HANA flavor)

This is the KMP/KMOD package for Huawei's Xen/UVP hypervisor and contains the classic (non-PVOPS)
xen kernel drivers.
This package contains specifically optimized drivers for the SAP HANA flavor, including a PV SCSI driver
in addition to the traditional set of classic Xen drivers (xen-platform-pci, xen-balloon, xen-vnif, xen-vbd).
It also contains xen-hcall, used by uvp-monitor for time synchronization.

On PVOPS kernels (SUSE since 4.4+, most other vendors), only the xen-scsi driver is provided by this package.

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556d973f-unmodified-drivers-tolerate-IRQF_DISABLED-being-undefined.patch 0000001185 1.16 KB about 3 years
SAP-HANA-Tools- 0000816644 798 KB over 1 year
kverdep.diff 0000004583 4.48 KB about 3 years
module-support.diff 0000000762 762 Bytes about 3 years
preamble 0000000460 460 Bytes about 3 years
respect-ostype.diff 0000002138 2.09 KB over 1 year
uvpmodsh.changes 0000003280 3.2 KB over 1 year
uvpmodsh.spec 0000006016 5.88 KB over 1 year
vni_front-fix.diff 0000000468 468 Bytes about 3 years
xen-misc-device.diff 0000001919 1.87 KB about 3 years
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