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In your dreams you travel to the Dreamweb. Everyone does. The plane
of subconsciousness affects your life every day. It controls the
very heart of civilisation itself. This web is controlled by seven
people who each contain the power of a node within the web. The
characteristics of these people imbue the web, and hence the World,
with their own strengths and weaknesses. As one of the nodes dies
it is transferred to another human, and so the forces within the
web fluctuate as the nodes attain differing aspects.

But all this is about to be shattered. The forces of evil have
understood the power of the web, and now all seven nodes are
controlled by evil people. The web itself is about to be overrun
and destined to remain evil. Forever!

Only one person can stop this terrible catastrophe. The chosen one.
Ryan. YOU!

You have been summoned by the keepers of the Web. You must destroy
the controllers of all seven nodes to allow the Web to regenerate
and thus restore the equilibrium. The fate of civilisation rests in
your hand.

To aid you in this most difficult mission, Ryan's diary ‘The Diary
of a (Mad?) Man’ has been faithfully reproduced. Read the diary
carefully, it will help you in your quest.

Good luck.

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