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Interpreter of the Python programming language

Python is an accessible, high-level, dynamically typed, interpreted programming
language, designed with an emphasis on code readibility.
It includes an extensive standard library, and has a vast ecosystem of
third-party libraries.

The python3 package provides the "python3" executable: the reference
interpreter for the Python language, version 3.
The majority of its standard library is provided in the python3-libs package,
which should be installed automatically along with python3.
The remaining parts of the Python standard library are broken out into the

Source Files

Filename Size Changed Actions
00001-rpath.patch 1.1 KB Download File
00102-lib64.patch 8.86 KB Download File
00111-no-static-lib.patch 2.47 KB Download File
00132-add-rpmbuild-hooks-to-unittest.patch 1.85 KB Download File
00155-avoid-ctypes-thunks.patch 868 Bytes Download File
00160-disable-test_fs_holes-in-rpm-build.patch 680 Bytes Download File
00163-disable-parts-of-test_socket-in-rpm-build.patch 727 Bytes Download File
00170-gc-assertions.patch 11.6 KB Download File
00178-dont-duplicate-flags-in-sysconfig.patch 1.22 KB Download File
00205-make-libpl-respect-lib64.patch 485 Bytes Download File
00251-change-user-install-location.patch 1.92 KB Download File
00262-pep538_coerce_legacy_c_locale.patch 41.5 KB Download File
00264-skip-test-failing-on-aarch64.patch 596 Bytes Download File
00273-skip-float-test.patch 551 Bytes Download File
00274-fix-arch-names.patch 1.79 KB Download File
00277-fix-test-subprocess-hanging-tests.patch 1.75 KB Download File
00278-skip-test-sha256.patch 581 Bytes Download File
00279-fix-memory-corruption-due-to-allocator-mix.patch 444 Bytes Download File
_service 58 Bytes Download File
check-pyc-and-pyo-timestamps.py 1.82 KB Download File
idle3.appdata.xml 1.68 KB Download File
idle3.desktop 227 Bytes Download File
macros.pybytecompile3.6 491 Bytes Download File
python36.spec 93.6 KB Download File

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