The WenQuanYi Zen Hei is the first open-source Chinese font
for Hei Ti, a sans-serif font style that are widely used for
general purpose text formatting, and on-screen
display of Chinese characters (such as in Windows Vista and Mac OS).
Simple and elegant font outlines and slightly emboldened strokes
makes the glyphs presenting higher contrast and therefore easy
to read. The unique style of this font also provide a simple
interface for adding grid-fitting information for further
fine-tuning of the on-screen performance.

WenQuanYi Zen Hei contains arguably the largest number of Chinese
Hanzi glyphs of all known open-source outline Chinese fonts: it has
20194 Hanzi glyphs covering 97% of the Unicode CJK Unified
Ideographics [4]. This font provides full coverage to the required
code points for zh_cn, zh_sg, zh_tw, zh_hk and zh_mo locales. The
total vector glyphs in this font is over 35000 including Latin characters,
Japanese kanas, hanguls and symbols from many other languages.

Highly regarded WenQuanYi Bitmap Song fonts were embedded into this
font for those who prefer shaper look of the text rendering, The
embedded bitmap glyphs cover font sizes at 9pt, 10pt, 11pt
and 12pt.

The primary purpose of developing this font is to provide CJK
(Chinese-Japanese-Korean) users a visually pleasing, standard
compliant, platform independent and compact solution for displaying
and printing Chinese on their computers.

We wish you enjoying the font, and joining us to continuously
improve this font for better performance and wider applications.


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