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A collection of plugins for bzr, including:
Rsync Push - The rspush plugin will push local changes to a remote server
using rsync.

Baz-Import - The baz-import plugin will import an Arch (or Baz) archive
or branch into bzr. File-ids and revision ids are converted
losslessly, so it should be possible for two imports of the
same Arch branch to merge from each other.

Shelve/Unshelve - These plugins by Michael Ellerman provide a very
fine-grained 'undo' facility (it iss done by patch hunk).
This allows you to undo some of your changes, commit, and
get back to where you were before.

Clean-Tree - Remove unknown, ignored-junk, or all unversioned files from the
current tree.

Graph-Ancestry - Use dot to produce graphs of branch ancestry.

Shell - Starts up a command interpreter that run bzr natively, providing
intelligent autocompletion and really responsive operation.

Patch - Applies a specified patch to your tree. The patch may be a filename
or URL.

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