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WebKit is a web content engine, derived from KHTML and KJS from KDE,
and used primarily in Apple's Safari browser. It is made to be
embedded in other applications, such as mail readers, or web browsers.

It is able to display content such as HTML, SVG, XML, and others. It
also supports DOM, XMLHttpRequest, XSLT, CSS, Javascript/ECMAscript and

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Filename Size Changed
_constraints 0000000618 618 Bytes
baselibs.conf 0000000049 49 Bytes
webkit2gtk3-271108.patch 0000000530 530 Bytes
webkit2gtk3-disable-dmabuf-nvidia.patch 0000002507 2.45 KB
webkit2gtk3-epoxy140.patch 0000005880 5.74 KB
webkit2gtk3-gstreamer-1.16.patch 0000017354 16.9 KB
webkit2gtk3-llint-build-fix.patch 0000001387 1.35 KB
webkit2gtk3-old-fontconfig.patch 0000002152 2.1 KB
webkit2gtk3.changes 0000158425 155 KB
webkit2gtk3.keyring 0000005237 5.11 KB
webkit2gtk3.spec 0000014584 14.2 KB
webkitgtk-2.44.0.tar.xz 0037046712 35.3 MB
webkitgtk-2.44.0.tar.xz.asc 0000000195 195 Bytes
webkitgtk-memfd-build-fix.patch 0000001449 1.42 KB
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