Turns RTL2832 dongle into a 433.92MHz generic data receiver

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An application using librtlsdr to decode the temperature from
wireless temperature sensors (433.92MHz)

Source Files
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_service 0000000592 592 Bytes
_servicedata 0000000237 237 Bytes
rtl_433-23.11+git20231205.8950dc4.obscpio 0003788300 3.61 MB
rtl_433-23.11+git20240210.2d63f306.obscpio 0003815948 3.64 MB
rtl_433.changes 0000163476 160 KB
rtl_433.obsinfo 0000000117 117 Bytes
rtl_433.spec 0000002148 2.1 KB
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Ján Ondrušek's avatar

Hi Martin! Would it be possible to add Debian ARM repos? I am using rtl_433 on Raspbian, currently manually built from source.

Ján Ondrušek's avatar

One more note: -devel package is missing a couple of .h files, e.g. bitbuffer.h, bitbuffer.h, getopt/getopt.h (win)

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