Graphical front end for computational chemistry programs

Viewmol is an open source graphical front end for computational chemistry programs. It is able to graphically aid in the generation of molecular structures for computations and to visualize their results. Viewmol has originally been developed by Jörg-Rüdiger Hill and Andreas Bleiber in the Quantum Chemistry Group of Humboldt University with contributions by Arne Dummer, Mariann Krossner, Andreas Bünger, and Andries de Man. Viewmol was named an outstanding product in the German/Austrian Academic Software Award 1993.

Commercial quality software based on Viewmol, the Materials and Processes Simulations (MAPS) platform, with extended functionality and open interfaces has been developed by Scienomics and is available by contacting MAPS is compatible with Viewmol, for example, with respect to input and output filters.

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