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It's not qmail. It's also not netqmail.

We all use email, so we all use email servers. notqmail is software for running an email server. Someday, if we do a good job, some of the many articles about how and why to run your own will recommend notqmail.

notqmail is a community-driven fork of qmail, beginning where netqmail left off: providing stable, compatible, small releases to which existing qmail users can safely update. notqmail also aims higher: developing an extensible, easily packaged, and increasingly useful modern mail server.

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Source Files
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_service 0000000255 255 Bytes
debian.tar.gz 0000005163 5.04 KB
notqmail-permissions.easy 0000000621 621 Bytes
notqmail-permissions.paranoid 0000001619 1.58 KB 0000003104 3.03 KB
notqmail-rpmlintrc 0000000862 862 Bytes
notqmail.changes 0000001309 1.28 KB
notqmail.dsc 0000000393 393 Bytes
notqmail.spec 0000016499 16.1 KB
system-users-qmail.conf 0000000342 342 Bytes
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