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Tmate is a fork of tmux providing an instant pairing solution.

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Bernhard Wiedemann's avatar

Any opinion on upgrading away from MD5?

Since SP4 got the new version, at most MD5 would stay around until 15.3 EOL = for another 14 months.

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If I grep the tmate source code, I can't find md5. Can you please be more precise where exactly md5 is used?

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In openSUSE:Backports:SLE-15-SP3/tmate and openSUSE:Leap:15.2/tmate/2.2.1.tar.gz tmate-2.2.1/tmate-ssh-client.c:

if (ssh_get_publickey_hash(pubkey, SSH_PUBLICKEY_HASH_MD5, &hash, &hash_len) < 0) {

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Note that if you want to use SHA256, you need to use a libssh version (>= 0.9.0) which provides it :-)

Bernhard Wiedemann's avatar

Thanks for the hint. I submitted libssh-0.9.6 towards 15-SP4

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