Make serving static pages painless.

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The Static::Simple plugin is designed to make serving static content in
your application during development quick and easy, without requiring a
single line of code from you.

This plugin detects static files by looking at the file extension in the
URL (such as *.css* or *.png* or *.js*). The plugin uses the lightweight
the MIME::Types manpage module to map file extensions to IANA-registered
MIME types, and will serve your static files with the correct MIME type
directly to the browser, without being processed through Catalyst.

Note that actions mapped to paths using periods (.) will still operate

If the plugin can not find the file, the request is dispatched to your
application instead. This means you are responsible for generating a '404'
error if your applicaton can not process the request:

# handled by static::simple, not dispatched to your application

# static::simple will not find the file and let your application
# handle the request. You are responsible for generating a file
# or returning a 404 error

Though Static::Simple is designed to work out-of-the-box, you can tweak the
operation by adding various configuration options. In a production
environment, you will probably want to use your webserver to deliver static
content; for an example see the USING WITH APACHE manpage, below.

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