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Lutris is an open source gaming platform for GNU/Linux. It makes gaming
on Linux easier by taking care of managing, installing and providing
optimal settings for games.

Lutris does not sell games, you have to provide your own copy of the games
unless they are Open Source or Freeware.
The games can be installed anywhere you want on your system, the tool
does not impose anything.

Lutris relies on various programs referenced as 'runners' to provide a
vast library of games. These runners (with the exception of Steam,Desura
and Web browsers) are provided by lutris, you don't need to install them
with your package manager.

Source Files
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lutris.spec 0000005847 5.71 KB 24 days
lutris_0.5.2.2.dsc 0000001082 1.06 KB 24 days
lutris_0.5.2.2.tar.xz 0001742640 1.66 MB 24 days
Comments for lutris 11

Jon Brightwell

moozaad wrote about 2 years ago

Have you considered merging this to game:tools version so that it can eventually get into factory? https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/games%3Atools/lutris

Mathieu Comandon

strycore wrote about 2 years ago

That repository seems very specific to OpenSUSE and has a very outdated version of Lutris, this looks like an abandoned experiment to me.

Doryx _

doryx wrote over 1 year ago

Instead you should submit this to game:tools so it can get into factory, I can help maintain it.

Mathieu Comandon

strycore wrote over 1 year ago

Getting into factory (I don't know what "factory" is), seems very SUSE specific. Anything that can potentially harm or diminish support for other distro won't be considered.

Stasiek Michalski

hellcp wrote about 1 year ago

How is that harming or diminishing support for any other distro tho. If you submit this into factory every time you update it for other platforms, openSUSE users can use the same version without adding your repo, and you can still use this home repository for other distros. It's benefiting our users and doesn't change your users experience on other platforms. https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:How_to_contribute_to_Factory

Doryx _

doryx wrote about 1 year ago

Sorry I missed the notification for this. What @hellcp said is correct, this wont harm or diminish support for other distros but will make it easier for openSUSE users to install lutris.

Mathieu Comandon

strycore wrote about 1 year ago

I was considering moving the repository to something without my username so that might be the solution. What's the correct approach to get access to the games:tools repository? There a release coming very soon, maybe we can test it then.

Doryx _

doryx wrote about 1 year ago

Something like: osc submitrequest -m 'I want to maintain lutris in Factory and would like to use games:tools as the devel/feeder project.' home:strycore/lutris games:tools

I think, there is also a "Submit package" button you can try on this page.

Mathieu Comandon

strycore wrote about 1 year ago

Request sent, I'll try to get lutris in games:tools for the 0.5.0 release.

Alexander Ahjolinna

ahjolinna wrote 11 months ago

it seems 'typelib-1_0-Gtk-3_0' is also needed for it to lunch (not just python3-gobject-Gdk), at least on tumbleweed (-kde)

Aaron Stern

ukbeast89 wrote 4 months ago

gvfs is now needed for non gtk enviroments.

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