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SEMS 1.4.1 release

Version 1.4.1

make system:
   - shortened dev build version
   - removed py_sems from sems-python-modules packet.

   - included monitoring mod documentation
   - clarified use of multiple interface support

event dispatcher:
   - fixed minor memory leak in error case.

session management:
   - fixed several bugs in session creation.

   - return 481 on CANCEL if the transaction cannot be found.
   - reply properly with 482 if the UAS dialog already exists.
   - pass only 200-ACK request to the UA layer.
   - do not update route or remote_uri on failure reply.
   - "ACK for non-existing dialog" logged as DEBUG
   - do not mandate to-tag for anything else but 2xx replies.
   - do not pass orphan replies to UA (no matching transaction).
   - improved AmSipDialog::bye()
   - next_hop core option added.

sdp parser:
   - process properly on short SDP
   - allow unsupported transport types.

   - fixed manipulation of short/empty SDP.
   - treat CANCEL hop-by-hop (not waiting for 200 from other side).
   - avoid relaying events if the session is stopped.
   - bind the relay stream to the local RTP IP.

RTP relay:
   - fixed sequence number & SSRC of relayed RTP packets.

    - handle correctly onNoAck event.

   - adds support for "qop" as described in rfc2617.
   - resend authenticated request as VERBATIM (fixes dup. Max-Forward
   & User-Agent HF)

   - added clean shutdown procedure.
   - fixed issue related to select() and file descriptors >= 1024

   - monitoring: run garbage collector by default (avoid filling up RAM
   with monitoring data).

   - fix mem leak in g729 wrapper.

Source Files

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_service 340 Bytes Download File
_service:download_url:sems_1.4.1.dsc 587 Bytes Download File
_service:download_url:sems_1.4.1.tar.gz 4.32 MB

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