A tool for generating humanoid CGI characters

MakeHuman is a tool focused on creating virtual humans using a GUI. This is a specialized branch of the more general subject of 3d modeling. The team is focused on this specific branch of the broader subject in order to achieve the best possible level in that area. Humans are created through the manipulation of controls that allows for the blending of different human attributes to create unique 3D human characters.

The ultimate goal is to be able to produce realistic virtual humans with a couple of clicks of the mouse and be able to render or export them for use in other projects.
The controllable details are broken into two groups: macro and detail. The macro targets deal with overall human characteristics like gender, age, height and weight. The details targets allow for the character to be further refined allowing for focus on the low level details of things like eye shape, and finger length.
The MakeHuman project strives to provide a complete tool that allows for the management of all things needed to create realistic virtual humans. This includes some tools that have not yet been created or are in the early stages of development for things like poses, managing facial expressions, creating hair for your humans, or providing them with clothes. MakeHuman also provides tools for exporting your virtual humans to other tools (such as the Blender 3D modelling suite) and working with motion capture data along with your characters.

((c) MakeHuman team 2001-2012, licensed under the Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA)

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