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# Conventions for PostgreSQL Global Development Group RPM releases:

# Official PostgreSQL Development Group RPMS have a PGDG after the release number.
# Integer releases are stable -- 0.1.x releases are Pre-releases, and x.y are
# test releases.

# Pre-releases are those that are built from CVS snapshots or pre-release
# tarballs from postgresql.org.  Official beta releases are not 
# considered pre-releases, nor are release candidates, as their beta or
# release candidate status is reflected in the version of the tarball. Pre-
# releases' versions do not change -- the pre-release tarball of 7.0.3, for
# example, has the same tarball version as the final official release of 7.0.3:
# but the tarball is different.

# Test releases are where PostgreSQL itself is not in beta, but certain parts of
# the RPM packaging (such as the spec file, the initscript, etc) are in beta.

# Pre-release RPM's should not be put up on the public ftp.postgresql.org server
# -- only test releases or full releases should be.
# This is the PostgreSQL Global Development Group Official RPMset spec file,
# or a derivative thereof.
# Copyright 2003-2011 Devrim GÜNDÜZ <devrim@gunduz.org>
# and others listed.

# Major Contributors:
# ---------------
# Lamar Owen
# Tom Lane
# Peter Eisentraut
# Alvaro Herrera
# David Fetter
# Greg Smith
# and others in the Changelog....

# This spec file and ancilliary files are licensed in accordance with 
# The PostgreSQL license.

# In this file you can find the default build package list macros.  These can be overridden by defining
# on the rpm command line:
# rpm --define 'packagename 1' .... to force the package to build.
# rpm --define 'packagename 0' .... to force the package NOT to build.
# The base package, the lib package, the devel package, and the server package always get built.

Source Files

Filename Size Changed Actions
1c_FULL_91-0.20 trailing_spaces 218 KB Download File
Makefile.regress 1.98 KB Download File
README.rpm-dist 14.7 KB Download File
applock-1c-9.1.patch 4.3 KB Download File
ecpg_config.h 1.02 KB Download File
filter-requires-perl-Pg.sh 56 Bytes Download File
online_analyze-0.8.patch 19.9 KB Download File
pg_config.h 1.01 KB Download File
plantuner.patch 15.5 KB Download File
postgresql-1c-9.1.patch 2.68 KB Download File
postgresql-9.1-A4.pdf 8.56 MB
postgresql-9.1-libs.conf 20 Bytes Download File
postgresql-9.1.2.tar.bz2 14.7 MB
postgresql-9.1.spec 32.8 KB Download File
postgresql-logging.patch 2.03 KB Download File
postgresql-perl-rpath.patch 1.09 KB Download File
postgresql-prefer-ncurses.patch 986 Bytes Download File
postgresql.init 5.91 KB Download File
postgresql.pam 71 Bytes Download File
rpm-pgsql.patch 1.73 KB Download File

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