HIGH level support for ALSA modem drivers

Complementation of snd-hda-intel, slmodemd and a dialer utility
THe ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) modem driver snd-hda-intel
provides ONLY a low level access to the hardware. The complementing HIGH
level support for ALSA modem drivers is through a Smartlink utility: slmodemd
An ALSA compatible and compiled slmodemd is in the package SLMODEMD_gcc4.8_alsak3.11..tar.gz
with download from http://linmodems.technion.ac.il/packages/smartlink/
Unpack under Linux with:
$ tar zxf SLMODEMD_gcc4.8_alsak3.11..tar.gz
and read instructions therein.

Typically the driver snd-hda-intel will be autoloaded on most Systems.
Then a Root permission command:
slmodemd -c YOUR_COUNTRY --alsa
will announce creation of ports
/dev/ttySL0 --> /dev/pts/N , N some number
The /dev/ttySL0 is a symbolic link to the true modem port /dev/pts/N
USA is the YOUR_COUNTRY default. See other Country alternatives by:
slmodemd --help
slmodemd --countrylist

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