Hexen II is a class based shooter game by Raven Software from 1997. Hammer of Thyrion is a port of the GPL'ed source code released by Raven. This package contains binaries that will run both the original game and the Portal of Praevus mission pack, a dedicated server and a launcher application which provides a GTK gui for launching different versions of the game.

NOTE: You will need mission packs from original game

Source Files
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hexen2.changes 0000000158 158 Bytes about 7 years
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hexen2source-1.5.3.tgz 0002158058 2.06 MB about 7 years
hexen2source-gamecode-1.5.3.tgz 0003536221 3.37 MB about 7 years
hexenworld-pakfiles-0.15.tgz 0004948641 4.72 MB about 7 years
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