HTML-to-text converter

html2text is a command line utility that converts HTML documents into
plain text.
Each HTML document is read from standard input or a (local or remote)
URI, and formatted into a stream of plain text characters that is written
to standard output or into an output-file. The program preserves the
original positions of table fields and accepts also syntactically
incorrect input, attempting to interpret it "reasonably". The rendering
is largely customisable through an RC file.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
200-close-files-inside-main-loop.patch 0000000417 417 Bytes about 11 years
400-remove-builtin-http-support.patch 0000002874 2.81 KB about 11 years
500-utf8-support.patch 0000029888 29.2 KB about 11 years
510-disable-backspaces.patch 0000000573 573 Bytes about 11 years
600-multiple-meta-tags.patch 0000031162 30.4 KB about 11 years
611-recognize-input-encoding.patch 0000007400 7.23 KB about 11 years
630-recode-output-to-locale-charset.patch 0000001648 1.61 KB about 11 years
800-replace-zeroes-with-null.patch 0000002360 2.3 KB about 11 years
810-fix-deprecated-conversion-warnings.patch 0000002532 2.47 KB about 11 years
html2text-1.3.2a.tar.gz 0000130088 127 KB about 11 years
html2text.spec 0000003876 3.79 KB about 11 years
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