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Do not use this repo directly!

random update step:
* download latest changed patch and spec from mozilla/%{major} OBS repo
* update librewolf spec to last major latest version of firefox-maintenance
* copy step1 download patches to firefox-maintenance repo generate patches change patch, update librewolf spec
* sync latest firefox spec change to librewolf spec
* sync librewolf source repo change to latest, check patches change, update _service revision
* sync librewolf settings repo change to latest, update _service revision
* osc vc && osc ci upload to test repo

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
LibreWolf.changes 0000015062 14.7 KB
LibreWolf.spec 0000019910 19.4 KB
_constraints 0000000487 487 Bytes
_service 0000002015 1.97 KB
firefox-kde-changes-from-mozilla_firefox120.patch 0000008393 8.2 KB
fix-wayland-build.patch 0000000775 775 Bytes
mozilla-bmo1822730.patch 0000002140 2.09 KB
opensuse-upstream-changes-from-mozilla_firefox120.patch 0000099846 97.5 KB
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