Configurable speaking/thinking cow

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cowsay is a configurable talking cow, written in Perl. It operates
much as the figlet program does, and it written in the same spirit
of silliness.
It generates ASCII pictures of a cow with a message. It can also generate
pictures of other animals.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
animalsay 0000000313 313 Bytes
cowsay-3.03-debian-01-empty_messages_fix.patch 0000000511 511 Bytes
cowsay-3.03-debian-02-remove_trailing_spaces.patch 0000000903 903 Bytes
cowsay-3.03-debian-utf8_width.patch 0000000768 768 Bytes
cowsay-3.03-help.patch 0000000352 352 Bytes
cowsay-3.04.tar.gz 0000031961 31.2 KB
cowsay.bashcomp 0000001050 1.03 KB
cowsay.spec 0000005600 5.47 KB
mech-and-cow.patch 0000001851 1.81 KB
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