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Webcam plasmoid for KDE


Webcam plasmoid for KDE desktop environment.

* Take pictures with the webcam.
* Record videos.
* Manages multiple webcams.
* Play/Stop capture, this saves resources while the plasmoid is not in use.
* Written in C++.
* 100% Qt based software, for KDE/Qt purists.
* Custom controls for each webcam.
* Popup applet support (you can embed Webcamoid in the panel).
* Add funny effects to the webcam (requires Frei0r plugins and QImageBlitz).
* +50 effects available.
* Effects with live previews.
* Translated to many languages.
* Stand alone installation mode (use it as a normal program).
* Use custom network and local files as capture devices.
* Capture from desktop.

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webcamoid-8.8.0.tar.gz 0008887888 8.48 MB 8 months
webcamoid-gcc11.patch 0000000477 477 Bytes 5 months
webcamoid.changes 0000009395 9.17 KB 5 months
webcamoid.spec 0000004435 4.33 KB 5 months
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plater wrote almost 4 years ago

I've had to split off the two opencv plugins, facebl0r and facedetect, in frei0r-plugins to frei0r-plugins-opencv. This is because of boo#1068792 they cause severe slowdowns in kdenlive and shotcut by preventing multiprocessing. You may want to add them to your requires as they most probably take away functionality. I'll notify you when the issue is resolved upstream: https://github.com/mltframework/mlt/issues/274

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