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Webcam plasmoid for KDE

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Webcam plasmoid for KDE desktop environment.

* Take pictures with the webcam.
* Record videos.
* Manages multiple webcams.
* Play/Stop capture, this saves resources while the plasmoid is not in use.
* Written in C++.
* 100% Qt based software, for KDE/Qt purists.
* Custom controls for each webcam.
* Popup applet support (you can embed Webcamoid in the panel).
* Add funny effects to the webcam (requires Frei0r plugins and QImageBlitz).
* +50 effects available.
* Effects with live previews.
* Translated to many languages.
* Stand alone installation mode (use it as a normal program).
* Use custom network and local files as capture devices.
* Capture from desktop.

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