Program to pipe streams from services into a video player

Streamlink is a CLI utility that pipes flash videos
from online streaming services to a variety of video players
such as MPV, or alternatively, a browser.
The main purpose of streamlink is to convert CPU-heavy
flash plugins to a less CPU-intensive format.
Streamlink is a fork of the livestreamer project.

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Adam Mizerski's avatar

etamPL wrote 9 months ago

Can't install this package, because nothing provides python3-iso-639.

Simon Puchert's avatar

simonpuchert wrote 8 months ago

I will change it to use python-pycountry instead. Hopefully that will work.

Also, not directed at you: I have noticed that there are about half a dozen home repos containing streamlink, some of them active, and yet no one seems to care enough to submit anything and so a non-programmer who just has a little experience in C/C++ and Rust (that would be me) now has to maintain a python-based package.

I guess it is one of the great mysteries of OBS, just like the various home repos containing their own kernel, llvm, mesa etc.; there is even a home repo that has Mesa 12.0.1 for Tumbleweed.