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Program to pipe streams from services into a video player


Streamlink is a CLI utility that pipes flash videos
from online streaming services to a variety of video players
such as MPV, or alternatively, a browser.
The main purpose of streamlink is to convert CPU-heavy
flash plugins to a less CPU-intensive format.
Streamlink is a fork of the livestreamer project.

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Michele Cherici's avatar

alucardx wrote over 1 year ago

Update to version 2.3.0 does not work for me, it needs requests>=2.26.0 but opensuse has only 2.25.1

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simonpuchert wrote over 1 year ago

Hmm, there was an entry in upstream changelog to this effect, but the commit message said "vendor: upgrade requests to >=2.26.0 <3" so I thought it did not apply here. Also, their build instructions haven't been updated to match this commit.

Anyway, that part is in setup.py, line 15, so feel free to "beat me to the punch" (if you don't want to, I will try this on Saturday). It should be possible to use 2.25.1 since that is the version they use for Windows builds.

Tejas Guruswamy's avatar

MasterPatricko wrote 11 months ago

I have the new version (3.0.3) built and working on Tumbleweed but it requires too many python dependencies not available on Leap 15.3. Are you still interested in a SR?

Simon Puchert's avatar

simonpuchert wrote 10 months ago

There isn't much we can do about this incompatibility (it's Python, after all), so I'd be fine with at least salvaging the situation for Tumbleweed users. Using Python stuff on Leap was always bound to run into some problems, see for example the somewhat recent (2022-01-11) LWN article.

Alexander Ahjolinna's avatar

ahjolinna wrote 7 months ago

"little bit out of date"...there is already 4.0.1 https://github.com/streamlink/streamlink/releases/tag/4.0.1

is it possible to have two splitted versions? (the old one for leap and newest for tumbleweed users)

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sal5 wrote 6 months ago

Hey, could you please update it to the latest version there is 4.1.0 out now

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bastimeyer wrote 6 months ago

Some quick suggestions after the recent package update:

  1. the rtmpdump dependency has been dropped in the 3.0.0 release
  2. the package meta/description is outdated, see https://streamlink.github.io/#overview


Tejas Guruswamy's avatar

MasterPatricko wrote 4 months ago

Should be addressed with the latest update. Thanks for the suggestions!

Brandon L's avatar

BLT wrote 4 months ago

Got this working on Leap 15.3 by installing python39 and python39-devel.

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