The Corosync Cluster Engine and Application Programming Interfaces

This package contains the Corosync Cluster Engine Executive, several
default APIs and libraries, default configuration files, and an init

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Fix-compile-warnings-with-GCC-7.2.1.patch 0000001590 1.55 KB 4 months
baselibs.conf 0000000193 193 Bytes over 2 years
bug-1001164_corosync.conf-example.patch 0000000913 913 Bytes 4 months
bug-1032634_fix-ifdown-udp.patch 0000011578 11.3 KB 4 months
bug-1083561_upgrade-from-1-x-y.patch 0000000745 745 Bytes 4 months
bug-882449_corosync-conf-example.patch 0000002105 2.06 KB 4 months
corosync-2.3.4-fix-bashisms.patch 0000000915 915 Bytes over 4 years
corosync-2.4.5.tar.gz 0000587023 573 KB 2 months
corosync-init-lockfile-path-error.patch 0000000575 575 Bytes 4 months
corosync-start-stop-level.patch 0000001808 1.77 KB about 3 years
corosync.changes 0000048101 47 KB 27 days
corosync.spec 0000021338 20.8 KB 28 days
upstream-afd97d7884940_coroapi-Use-size_t-for-private_data_size.patch 0000001189 1.16 KB 4 months
Comments for corosync 3

Roger Zhou's avatar

zzhou wrote 4 months ago

"/etc/sysconfig/corosync-qnetd" is not populated after installation.

I wonder you might consider something like this:

%package -n corosync-qnetd


if [ ! -e %{_sysconfdir}/sysconfig/corosync-qnetd ]; then %fillup_only corosync-qnetd fi

Yuan Ren's avatar

yuanren10 wrote 4 months ago

In my env, the "corosync-qnetd" always installed(even if the corosync-2.4.4). And "%{fillup_and_insserv -n corosync-qnetd}" did what you suggested I think. If there is still a problem, happy to let me know.

Roger Zhou's avatar

zzhou wrote 4 months ago

Yeah, it's false alarm. I confirm "/etc/sysconfig/corosync-qnetd" is populated after re-intall rpm via zypper. I guess something wrong during my upgrade process.