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OpenLDAP Software is an open source implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

Source Files (show merged sources derived from linked package)

Filename Size Changed Actions
0001-ITS-8866-slapo-unique-to-return-filter-used-in-diagn.patch 2.15 KB Download File
0002-openldap-its8727-plug-ber-leaks.patch 741 Bytes Download File
0003-LDAPI-socket-location.dif 580 Bytes Download File
0005-pie-compile.dif 4.13 KB Download File
0007-Recover-on-DB-version-change.dif 1 KB Download File
0008-In-monitor-backend-do-not-return-Connection0-entries.patch 884 Bytes Download File
0009-Fix-ldap-host-lookup-ipv6.patch 1.77 KB Download File
0011-openldap-re24-its7796.patch 2.59 KB Download File
0016-Clear-shared-key-only-in-close-function.patch 508 Bytes Download File
0017-Fix-segfault-in-nops.patch 1.15 KB Download File
0200-Fix-incorrect-calculation-of-consecutive-number-of-c.patch 3.67 KB Download File
DB_CONFIG 149 Bytes Download File
README.module-loading 778 Bytes Download File
SuSEfirewall2.openldap 381 Bytes Download File
addonschema.tar.gz 28.5 KB Download File
baselibs.conf 229 Bytes Download File
openldap-2.4.47.tgz 5.44 MB
openldap-r-only.dif 845 Bytes Download File
openldap2.changes 116 KB Download File
openldap2.conf 137 Bytes Download File
openldap2.spec 22.1 KB Download File
openldap_update_modules_path.sh 4.32 KB Download File
ppolicy-check-password-1.2.tar.gz 10.1 KB Download File
ppolicy-check-password.5 5.81 KB Download File
ppolicy-check-password.Makefile 1.11 KB Download File
ppolicy-check-password.conf 104 Bytes Download File
sasl-slapd.conf 47 Bytes Download File
schema2ldif 1.15 KB Download File
slapd.conf 3.18 KB Download File
slapd.conf.example 11.4 KB Download File
slapd.conf.olctemplate 1.67 KB Download File
slapd.service 174 Bytes Download File
start 6.88 KB Download File
sysconfig.openldap 4.5 KB Download File

Comments for network:ldap (1)

repo-checker wrote 5 months ago

The version of this package in openSUSE:Factory has installation issues and may not be installable:

can't install openldap2-back-perl-2.4.46-42.1.i586:
  nothing provides perl = 5.26.2 needed by openldap2-back-perl-2.4.46-42.1.i586
    (we have perl-5.28.1-1.1.i586)

can't install openldap2-back-perl-2.4.46-42.1.x86_64:
  nothing provides perl = 5.26.2 needed by openldap2-back-perl-2.4.46-42.1.x86_64
    (we have perl-5.28.1-1.1.x86_64)

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