Java Web Start and plugin implementation

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The IcedTea-Web project provides a Free Software web browser plugin running
applets written in the Java programming language and an implementation of Java
Web Start, originally based on the NetX project.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
icedtea-web-1.0.2-no-return-in-nonvoid-function.patch 0000000490 490 Bytes
icedtea-web-1.1-moonlight-symbol-clash.patch 0000004736 4.63 KB
icedtea-web-1.1.3.tar.gz 0000810141 791 KB
icedtea-web-npapi-sdk-r5.patch 0000000516 516 Bytes
icedtea-web-suse-desktop-files.patch 0000000583 583 Bytes
icedtea-web.changes 0000004227 4.13 KB
icedtea-web.spec 0000005889 5.75 KB
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