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Free Civilization Clone

A clone of the well known game Civilization by Microprose.

Every player is the leader of an imaginary nation. The aim of the game
can be to create a prospering civilization with commerce and knowledge
exchange or (more often) the extinction of all other civilizations.

To start a new game, first start the server 'civserver,' then start the
client 'civclient'. Have fun!

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
freeciv-3.0.1.tar.xz 0033528292 32 MB 2 months
freeciv-gtk3.desktop 0000002348 2.29 KB over 7 years
freeciv-manual 0000000388 388 Bytes over 12 years
freeciv-manual.desktop 0000000119 119 Bytes almost 16 years
freeciv-manual.png 0000001794 1.75 KB almost 16 years
freeciv-qt.desktop 0000002346 2.29 KB over 7 years
freeciv.changes 0000061101 59.7 KB 2 months
freeciv.png 0000001852 1.81 KB almost 16 years
freeciv.spec 0000005246 5.12 KB 2 months
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saku nix's avatar

sakunix wrote about 1 year ago

Hello, what about the client in SDL2?

Marko Lindqvist's avatar

cazfi wrote 9 days ago


Please update from gtk3- to gtk3.22-client (the default). gtk3-client hasn't been that well maintained in a long time.

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