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LyX is a front-end for LaTeX under X11. It combines the comfortable use
of a word processor with the high quality of LaTeX typesetting.
Documents are displayed in a WYSIWYG-like way. User does not choose low
level attributes ("large italic") but high level layouts (styles) for
each paragraph. Of course, low level formatting is still possible.

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paolo m pumilia-gnarini's avatar

Since 'Noto' appears to be the default opensuse font, it would convenient to make the same choice for the LyX default, if possible.

Cor Blom's avatar

I don't know exactly what you mean. LyX follows the system settings for interface font. I will not change the deafults to screen fonts of documents, like this not done in similar apps like LibreOffice. I doubt many would agree with you finding that convenient. I, at least, do not.

Chris Miller's avatar

Installing lyx with the recommended packages and config on Tumbleweed seems to cause an issue where the app will hang on install. When installing with --no-recommends, I noticed that the .config/LyX/lyx.conf has different (much less) stuff in there than the lyx.conf for the normal install, and it works just fine. I don't really understand enough at this point to submit a bug report, but just wanted to give people a heads up.

Cor Blom's avatar

Nevertheless it is better to file a bug. This is getting lost and this is not the place to discuss this. In a bug I can ask for clarification (not all is clear to me in what you write) and copies of the two lyx.conf you're taling about, etc.

Cor Blom's avatar

In addition: I tried installing lyx on a tumbleweed system without lyx and texlive and encountered no problem. So I cannot reproduce this, which makes it difficult to pinpoint the problem.

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