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Open Source realtime-strategy game about map control

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_constraints 0000000434 434 Bytes
widelands-1.1.tar.gz 0416104611 397 MB
widelands-fix-missing-include.patch 0000004712 4.6 KB
widelands.changes 0000007485 7.31 KB
widelands.spec 0000004517 4.41 KB
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zCougar wrote

This game needs at least libSDL2-2_0-0-2.0.14 where SDL_OpenURL() function is added (https://newreleases.io/project/github/libsdl-org/SDL/release/release-2.0.14). Otherwise it doesn't run and gives "widelands: symbol lookup error: widelands: undefined symbol: SDL_OpenURL" error on startup. Would be good if it has this dependency configured to make sure that the right SDL version gets installed.

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