CMS Filesystem driver and utility

The CMS Filesystem package allows access to CMS files on CMS minidisks
that are owned or linked by a Linux/390 guest on z/VM. The CMS minidisk
must not reside in a z/VM SFS pool.

The RPM only contains the user mode (non kernel) utility.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed Actions
cmsfs-1.1.8-linux26.patch 0000000418 418 Bytes almost 12 years
cmsfs-1.1.8-mandir.patch 0000002266 2.21 KB almost 12 years
cmsfs-1.1.8.tar.gz 0000590540 577 KB almost 12 years
cmsfs-cflags.patch 0000000360 360 Bytes almost 12 years
cmsfs-sanitize.patch 0000029160 28.5 KB almost 12 years
cmsfs.changes 0000000595 595 Bytes over 11 years
cmsfs.spec 0000002377 2.32 KB over 11 years
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