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Java XML parser

Crimson is a Java XML parser which supports XML 1.0 via the
following APIs: - Java API for XML Processing (JAXP) 1.1 minus
the javax.xml.transform package. JAXP is a pluggable API that
allows applications to access XML documents in a
parser-independent manner. It endorses the industry standard SAX
and DOM APIs and also adds a few classes under the
javax.xml.parsers package to implement pluggability and utility
methods Note: the javax.xml.transform package hierarchy of JAXP
is not implemented by Crimson. One implementation of
javax.xml.transform can be found at Xalan Java 2.

- SAX 2.0

- SAX2 Extensions version 1.0

- DOM Level 2 Core Recommendation

Source Files
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crimson-1.1.3-src.tar.bz2 0000315091 308 KB about 13 years
crimson-javac-target-15.patch 0000001294 1.26 KB about 13 years
crimson-javac6-build.patch 0000023252 22.7 KB about 13 years
crimson-noapis.patch 0000002105 2.06 KB over 14 years
crimson.changes 0000000184 184 Bytes about 13 years
crimson.spec 0000006515 6.36 KB about 13 years
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