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User space File System

With FUSE, a user space program can export a file system through the
kernel-default (Linux kernel).

User space file systems which are implemented using FUSE are provided
by the following packages:

- curlftpfs (mount FTP servers),

- encfs (layered file encryption),

- fuseiso (mount iso, img, bin, mdf and nrg CD-ROM images),

- fusepod (mount iPods),

- fusesmb (mount a fully browseable network neighborhood),

- gphotofs (mount gphoto-supported cameras),

- ntfs-3g (mount NTFS volumes read-write),

- obexfs (mount of bluetooth devices),

- sshfs (mount over ssh),

- wdfs (mount of WebDAV shares)

This package contains the mount binaries for fuse (might not be needed
by some FUSE filesystems like ntfs-3g) and the documentation for FUSE.

After installing fuse-devel, administrators can compile and install
other user space file systems which can be found at

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
baselibs.conf 0000000009 9 Bytes about 12 years
fuse-2.8.5.tar.bz2 0000395506 386 KB over 10 years
fuse-install-fix.diff 0000002384 2.33 KB over 10 years
fuse-pc-remove-libdir-from-Libs.diff 0000000239 239 Bytes almost 14 years
fuse-umount-race-fix.patch 0000003754 3.67 KB over 10 years
fuse.changes 0000010312 10.1 KB over 10 years
fuse.rpmlintrc 0000000589 589 Bytes over 10 years
fuse.spec 0000008302 8.11 KB over 10 years
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