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Graphical PBButtons Client

This package contains a PBButtons Client: GTKPBButtons.

This client for pbbuttonsd displays small pop-up windows each time a
message from the daemon pbbuttonsd appears. The view of each pop-up can
be individually configured. The following windows could pop up:

- brightness level The current display brightness level would be

- keyboard illumination level The current keyboard brightness level
would be displayed.

- volume level The current volume level would be displayed

- mute The window shows if the speakers were muted.

- battery warning This window shows that battery is running low and
how long it would last until shutdown. The last warning level
indicates that the machine will be shut down immediately to save
data integrity.

- sleep warning This windows shows that the computer is going to
enter sleep mode.

- trackpad This window shows the current trackpad operating mode.

- ejecting CD-ROM This window signals that a CD-ROM will be ejected
or why it cannot be.

The window appears after someone has pressed one of the special keys or
an event message has been received. After approximately two seconds
without any changes, the pop-up window vanishes again.

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