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"Kanji Drill"--Kanji Quiz and Japanese Dictionary for the X Window System

KDrill stands for Kanji Drill. It is a program to help people learn
kanji and kana (the Japanese charater set). It uses Jim Breen's EDICT
Japanese-English dictionary and also doubles as a dictionary lookup
program. Kdrill runs under the X Window System.

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bugzilla-151088-array-subscript-out-of-range.patch 0000000421 421 Bytes almost 16 years
kdrill.changes 0000002120 2.07 KB over 13 years
kdrill.patch 0000001080 1.05 KB almost 16 years
kdrill.spec 0000002288 2.23 KB over 13 years
kdrill6.4-fclose.patch 0000000177 177 Bytes over 13 years
kdrill6.4.tar.bz2 0000190919 186 KB almost 16 years
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