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Secure Replacements for Problematic C Functions

The "Secure Programming Library" provides several functions that should
serve as a replacement for problematic C functions from glibc. Besides
the replacement functions, there are some helper functions, such as
safe_reopen() or sigprotection(), that can be used for developing
exposed applications.

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libsecprog-0.8.tar.bz2 0000014508 14.2 KB almost 15 years
libsecprog-0.8_str-with-n-equal-zero.diff 0000000731 731 Bytes almost 15 years
libsecprog-0.8_strliteralcmp.diff 0000000273 273 Bytes almost 15 years
libsecprog.changes 0000001120 1.09 KB almost 14 years
libsecprog.spec 0000003472 3.39 KB over 12 years
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