A C toolkit to interract with the virtualization capabilities of Linux

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Libvirt is a C toolkit to interract with the virtualization
capabilities Linux. Virtualization of the Linux Operating System means
the ability to run multiple instances of Operating Systems concurently
on a single hardware system where the basic resources are driven by a
Linux instance. The library aims to provide long term stable C API
initially for the Xen paravirtualization but should be able to
integrate other virtualization mechanisms if needed.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
clone.patch 0000001778 1.74 KB
efc2594b-boot-param.patch 0000001245 1.22 KB
libvirt-0.8.8.tar.bz2 0009569079 9.13 MB
libvirt.changes 0000036538 35.7 KB
libvirt.spec 0000016383 16 KB
libvirtd-defaults.patch 0000001873 1.83 KB
libvirtd.init 0000002032 1.98 KB
use-libvirt-guests-on-suse.patch 0000006650 6.49 KB
xen-domctl-ver7.patch 0000012690 12.4 KB
xen-name-for-devid.patch 0000004198 4.1 KB
xen-pv-cdrom.patch 0000000958 958 Bytes
xend-disk-order.patch 0000001956 1.91 KB
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