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An Open Source ITU H.323 Library and Sample Application

The OpenH323 project aims to create a full featured, interoperable, and
open source implementation of the ITU H.323 teleconferencing protocol
that can be used by personal developers and commercial users without

OpenH323 development is coordinated by an Australian company,
Equivalence Pty Ltd (http://www.equival.com), but is open to any
interested party. Commercial and private use of the OpenH323 code,
including use in commercial products and resale, is encouraged through
use of the MPL (Mozilla Public license).

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
openh323-OPTCCFLAGS.patch 0000000974 974 Bytes over 15 years
openh323-SHAREDLIBEXT.diff 0000000424 424 Bytes over 15 years
openh323-incl.diff 0000000766 766 Bytes over 15 years
openh323-nonat_ptrace 0000000448 448 Bytes over 15 years
openh323-system-amrnb.diff 0000001220 1.19 KB over 15 years
openh323-v1_19_0_1-src-tar.bz2 0002633891 2.51 MB over 15 years
openh323.changes 0000014206 13.9 KB over 12 years
openh323.linux-compiler.patch 0000000244 244 Bytes about 15 years
openh323.spec 0000003817 3.73 KB over 12 years
openh323_v1_19_0_1.diff 0000000663 663 Bytes over 15 years
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