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Tcl Extensions for Network Management Applications

Scotty is a software package which allows implementation of
site-specific network management software using high-level,
string-based APIs. The software is based on the Tool Command Language
which simplifies the development of portable network management
scripts. The scotty source distribution includes two major components.
The first one is the Tnm Tcl Extension which provides access to network
management information sources. The second component is the Tkined
network editor which provides a framework for an extensible network
management system.

Source Files
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ntping.dif 0000000826 826 Bytes over 15 years
scotty-2.1.11.dif 0000003711 3.62 KB about 14 years
scotty-2.1.11.tar.bz2 0001109560 1.06 MB over 15 years
scotty-http.patch 0000000388 388 Bytes over 15 years
scotty.changes 0000004991 4.87 KB about 14 years
scotty.spec 0000005783 5.65 KB almost 13 years
strcmp.patch 0000000363 363 Bytes almost 15 years
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