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A simple, small, C++ XML parser

TinyXML is a simple, small, C++ XML parser that can be easily integrating
into other programs. Have you ever found yourself writing a text file parser
every time you needed to save human readable data or serialize objects?
TinyXML solves the text I/O file once and for all.
(Or, as a friend said, ends the Just Another Text File Parser problem.)

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
Makefile.am 0000001279 1.25 KB about 11 years
Makefile.am.docs 0000002174 2.12 KB about 11 years
configure.ac 0000001978 1.93 KB about 11 years
tinyxml-c_headers.patch 0000002239 2.19 KB about 11 years
tinyxml-entity.patch 0000001661 1.62 KB about 11 years
tinyxml.changes 0000002026 1.98 KB about 11 years
tinyxml.h.in 0000064328 62.8 KB about 11 years
tinyxml.spec 0000003662 3.58 KB about 11 years
tinyxml_2_6_1.tar.lzma 0000130955 128 KB about 11 years
use_stl_def 0000000078 78 Bytes about 11 years
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