Teletext and Videotext Decoder for the BTTV Driver

AleVT is a teletext and videotext decoder and browser for the BTTV
driver (/dev/vbi) and the X Window System. It features multiple
windows, a page cache, regexp searching, a built-in manual, and more.
There is also a program to get the time from teletext.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
alevt-1.6.0-dvb-demux.patch 0000054147 52.9 KB over 11 years
alevt-1.6.2.tar.bz2 0000115848 113 KB about 13 years
alevt-happy-abuild.diff 0000001192 1.16 KB over 11 years
alevt-overflow2.diff 0000008388 8.19 KB over 11 years
alevt.changes 0000004294 4.19 KB over 11 years
alevt.desktop 0000000110 110 Bytes over 13 years
alevt.png 0000000390 390 Bytes over 13 years
alevt.spec 0000002673 2.61 KB over 11 years
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